Thursday, February 4, 2010

To Freeze or Not to Freeze

So that is the question to freeze or not to freeze. Do you  ever wonder can I freeze _______? Fill in the blank. There has been many times that I have thought hmm wonder would this freeze well? Well wonder no more. I have found 2 cookbooks on line that look like they would be great additions to anyone's cookbook collection. The first is How to Freeze by Carolyn Humphries. I found a review at "The complete A to Z guide for freezing almost any food. Includes tips on freezing management for maximum enjoyment from your frozen foods. Contains instruction on food preparation, packaging suggestions, storage times, defrosting techniques, hygiene, and food safety." The other book is Can I Freeze It. This one looks really good. Along with all the freezer tips. She has filled the book with recipes that are great for the freezer. So check out the link read the reviews. It really looks like a must have cookbook.


  1. they look interesting...I'll be picking up that bread in 5 min. a day cookbook from the library this weekend

  2. Don't they though. I will have to check if either are at the library. Yeah I got the bread in 5 minutes a day this week. Not sure if I like it. Different way of doing things which I am not use to.